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Located in the original Bapst Library building on Boston College's Chestnut Hill campus, the John J. Burns Library offers students, scholars, and the general public opportunities to engage with rare books, special collections, and archives.

A DIY Encyclopedia: G. William Patten’s iconography and symbolism notes

If you are on the hunt for a DIY encyclopedia, look no further than Glancy William Patten’s personal papers. G. William Patten, a local Boston artist, kept meticulous notes about symbolism and meaning ranging from animals to persons to flags … Continue reading

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Hearing the Past

The term “archives” may call up images of vellum pages covered with beautiful cursive (or indecipherable scribbles) but, as previous blog posts on material culture highlight– see What’s in a Game? Some Examples of Board Games at Burns Library and … Continue reading

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Snapshots of Hawai’i’s Past: The Hopkins Family Collection

This summer, thousands of demonstrators blocked construction of the proposed Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) that would sit atop Mauna Kea. Demonstrators noted the sacredness and environmental significance of Mauna Kea, and many Native Hawaiians and supporters highlighted Hawaiʻi’s controversial annexation … Continue reading

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The Changing 20th Century: A Look into the Margaret M. Fitzgerald Papers

While Burns Library has papers from notable figures such as Tip O’Neill and W.B. Yeats, there is still much to discover in the collections about those who may not be in history textbooks or literary canons. Margaret Mary Fitzgerald is one … Continue reading

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Using Defined Learning Objectives in the Burns Library Instruction Program, Fall 2019

In the Fall 2019 semester,  Burns Library staff has run 42 instruction sessions for almost 850 Boston College students. Working with faculty across 11 disciplines, we’ve custom designed active learning sessions around defined learning goals. We are tired, but we … Continue reading

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Keeping Time: The Sir Jimmy Shand Family’s Music Collection

Burns Library is delighted to announce the availability of a Scottish and Irish music collection from the family of the Scottish accordionist, bandleader, and composer Sir Jimmy Shand (1908-2000). Shand was known worldwide for his musicianship, strict tempos, and devotion … Continue reading

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A Heckler in Washington

Imagine walking into the House of Representatives on your first day as a newly-elected member of Congress and seeing only ten other women among a total of 435 Representatives. That was Margaret Heckler’s reality as she began her career in … Continue reading

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