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These are a few of our favorite things…

Have you always wondered just what is at the Burns Library that makes it so special? Do you wish that someone at Burns would just show you something they love? On Tuesday, February 15, 2017 – when love was still in … Continue reading

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Athanasius Kircher: The Last Man Who Knew Everything

Would you rather be knowledgeable on a variety of topics, or an expert on just one topic? Today’s emphasis on academic specialization supports the latter—we rarely encounter someone with multiple PhDs in unrelated fields. Rarely do we go beyond the … Continue reading

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From Jesuitica to Graham Greene: A Student Intern’s Experiences with Conservation

As a Boston College student who had participated in the creation of an exhibit in the John J. Burns Library and enjoyed a great many more, I was always baffled when fellow undergraduates were unaware of its presence on campus. … Continue reading

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Three Movable Books

This year, the Movable Book Society holds its eleventh biennial conference here in Boston, and the John J. Burns Library is providing a display of three items from our collection starting Wednesday, September 14th.   The Hagadah li-yeladim – the … Continue reading

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Graham Greene & Sherlock Holmes

Graham Greene’s private library contains various Victorian detective works. Of particular interest to Greene is the definitive Victorian detective, rather, the definitive detective, Sherlock Holmes. Greene possessed at least one copy of each case Holmes undertook with friend and biographer … Continue reading

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The Muggletonian Collection

A radical Protestant sect with a quirky theology and a wonderfully unlikely name, the Muggletonian movement emerged in 1651 from the chaos of the British Interregnum, when two tailors – John Reeve and Lodowick Muggleton – announced themselves to be … Continue reading

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Instruction at the Burns Library Spring Semester 2016

The Burns Library hosted forty-one class sessions this past semester, including two that met weekly. Burns Scholar, Colman O’Clabaigh, taught the course, Religion and Community in Ireland, 1215–1526 every Thursday in The Irish Room while Professor Robert Savage of History … Continue reading

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