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The Legacy of Ancient Giants: Carrickglass’ Leaba-Dhiarmade-agus-Ghrainne

The legacy of Sligo-reared archaeologist William Gregory Wood-Martin is defined by its complexity – a complexity reflected in his own homeland’s nature. In several ways, the Anglo-Irishman was an exemplary Briton. Born into the Ascendancy in 1847, Wood-Martin would serve … Continue reading

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William Morris and the Kelmscott Press

“The question…is this, whether we are to have books which are beautiful as books; books in which type, paper, woodcuts, and the due arrangement of all these are to be considered, and which are so treated as to produce a … Continue reading

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An Era of Oration: The Early History of Fulton Debating Society

From the inception of Boston College, elocution and oratory skill were among the most important assets that the school actively cultivated in its students. The Prefect of Studies–or Dean–Robert Fulton, S.J., profoundly fostered the student interest in oratorical aptitude. Under … Continue reading

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Reframing the Present: The Renaissance Architecture of Andrea Palladio

In 1452, the Italian polymath Leon Battista Alberti (1404-1472) completed his De re aedificatoria, the first theoretical treatment of architecture since Vitruvius wrote his De architectura in 15 BC. This classical text served as the main inspiration for Alberti’s treatise, … Continue reading

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Michael H. Leary Letters

Being called upon to help decipher bad handwriting is an occupational hazard for the staff of the Burns Library, home to hundreds of linear feet of correspondence written by thousands of individuals – political and religious leaders, literary figures, bank … Continue reading

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Cooks and Menus: A Closer Look at Fannie Farmer

The exhibit “Are You Being Served? Historical Menus from the Archives” recently opened at the John J. Burns Library. Often when selecting items for an exhibit, the curators find themselves spoiled for choice: this time we not only had too … Continue reading

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Archives Diary: Catch a Performance in the Theater Programs Collection

Plenty of people don’t like big cities and cannot understand why anyone would choose the urban life. I, on the other hand, love that cities are dynamic and ever-changing. We never know who we’ll meet up with out on the … Continue reading

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