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What’s in An Ad?: Examining Advertisements in Theater Programs

Some of the more popular collections we bring out for class use– comics and Boston College athletic programs— engage students’ curiosity not just because of their content but also due to the presence of advertisements. While in our present day, … Continue reading

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Learning Mildred: Provenance and Inclusion Materials

One of the more interesting aspects of my job as a cataloger is that I manage and maintain the inclusion files for Burns Library. The inclusion files are just what they sound like: four filing cabinets, stuffed to the brim … Continue reading

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Can I Have Your Autograph?

The Authors Collection here at Burns Library is one of the most wide ranging – subject wise as well as timeframe. It covers 340 years (ranging from 1665-2005), though the bulk of the collection dates from 1790 to 1900. The … Continue reading

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DC One Million

In 1998, as many long running DC Comics such as Action Comics and Detective Comics were approaching their 750th issues, the writers at DC speculated what the universe would look like when issue one million was published. This gave birth … Continue reading

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Matrix and the Whittington Press

Long may Matrix continue to excite mind, fingertips, and eye, for it is the unique                     ability of printing to be able to appeal to and satisfy these three senses   … Continue reading

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Irish Women Rising: Mollie Gill (1891–1977)

Mollie (or Máire, in Irish) Gill is the first woman featured in our Irish Women Rising blog series who did not come from the well-to-do, Anglo-Irish class. Hailing from an Irish family, Mollie Gill’s life is representative  of thousands of young … Continue reading

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The Red Scare and the Liturgy and Life Pamphlet Collection

The odds are high that, at some point, you have noticed the pamphlets that tend to be offered in the vestibules of churches and other houses of worship. Often cheaply designed and produced, usually free to take or sold for … Continue reading

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Philip Caraman, SJ: the Travelling Jesuit

Philip George Caraman, S.J., Jesuit priest and author, was born in 1911 in London, England, to René André Caraman and Betina Pasqua. Both parents were Armenian Catholics and instilled strong religious beliefs in their nine children; their sons, Philip and … Continue reading

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“Through Adversity to the Stars”

Louis Belloc was the son of British Catholic author Hilaire Belloc. He served in the Royal Air Force during World War I and tragically lost his life. The above certificate was sent to his family after his death. “Before Cambrai” … Continue reading

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From Jesuitica to Graham Greene: A Student Intern’s Experiences with Conservation

As a Boston College student who had participated in the creation of an exhibit in the John J. Burns Library and enjoyed a great many more, I was always baffled when fellow undergraduates were unaware of its presence on campus. … Continue reading

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