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The Contention of The Bards: Loyalty, Learning, & Literature

Iomarbhaidh Na Bhfileadh, or The Contention of The Bards (c. 1616-1624), was a series of polemical poems sparked by The Flight of the Earls (1608, itself a result of the English victory against Aodh Mór Ó Néill and his Irish forces … Continue reading

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The Dolmen Press

The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word dolmen as “The French name, used by some English authors, for a cromlech, a prehistoric structure, consisting of a large flattish stone supported upon two or more smaller upright stones.” This traditional grouping … Continue reading

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Exhibitions Update:Emigrant Letters, One Student’s Analysis of a Poem

The exhibit “Precious Poems in Precious Packaging,” recently on display in O’Neill Library, featured a striking and diverse array of Irish poems printed and bound by the Traffic Street Press. Selected from the John J. Burns Library’s collection of printed … Continue reading

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