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What’s in a Game? Some Examples of Board Games at Burns Library

As we enter the season when cozy indoor activities beckon, the appeal of board games endures despite, or perhaps because of, digital distractions. Burns Library collections include several games, intended to teach, make social commentary, or pass companionable time. Abbasso … Continue reading

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A New Weapon: Highlighting Irish Hunger Strikes in Two Recently-Opened Collections at Burns Library

Prison hunger strikes became an integral part of protesting in the struggle for Irish independence over the course of a century. Two recently opened collections at Burns Library, both newly processed, include materials that reflect how hunger strikes were used … Continue reading

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Joachim Bouvet: the History of Cang-Hi, the Present Emperor of China

Joachim Bouvet was born in Le Mans, France, on July 18, 1656. In 1673, he entered the Society of Jesus in hopes going on a China mission. His wish was granted when King Louis XIV sent him and five other … Continue reading

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Philip Caraman, SJ: the Travelling Jesuit

Philip George Caraman, S.J., Jesuit priest and author, was born in 1911 in London, England, to René André Caraman and Betina Pasqua. Both parents were Armenian Catholics and instilled strong religious beliefs in their nine children; their sons, Philip and … Continue reading

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William Stinson, SJ: Postcard Album, 1914-1919

The postcard below depicts Verdun, France following the Battle of Verdun fought from February 21 to December 18, 1916. The Battle of Verdun was one of the largest battles on the western front between the German and French armies. A … Continue reading

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From Jesuitica to Graham Greene: A Student Intern’s Experiences with Conservation

As a Boston College student who had participated in the creation of an exhibit in the John J. Burns Library and enjoyed a great many more, I was always baffled when fellow undergraduates were unaware of its presence on campus. … Continue reading

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Williams Ethnological Collection

The John J. Burns Library is home to the formerly named Nicholas M. Williams Ethnological Collection, now known at the library simply as the Williams Ethnological Collection. A large and important amount of material with especial strengths in Carribeana and … Continue reading

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