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Mining for Meaning: Gathering and Interpreting Qualitative Student Feedback in Instruction Sessions

How do you know if a class was effective? While we have some baseline measures – gut check: was an ambulance needed for the instructor or students? No? Success! – gathering feedback from students is an essential tool in knowing … Continue reading

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Ex Computātrīs Portābilibus: Boston College Art Students

In February, Prof. Lisa Kessler’s Introduction to Digital Art class once again visited Burns Library – 13 in person, and 2 via Zoom – to prepare for a new assignment that the Burns Instruction Team could really get behind:  Design … Continue reading

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Self Portraits from Isolation: Early Steps Toward Taking Special Collections Instruction Online

When Boston College shut down in March in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and announced that the rest of the spring semester and all summer classes would be moved online, BC faculty and staff went to immediate planning on how … Continue reading

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Irish Music Archives Visits an After-School Club in Somerville

Guest Musicians Gather at Celtic Fusion Club  A couple of months ago, in the time before social distancing, music educator Kendall Driscoll invited a few Boston-area musicians to give a live, in-person presentation to East Somerville Community School’s Celtic Fusion … Continue reading

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Stained Glass Windows of Imagination

On a gray, overcast day in early February, the Burns Library Instruction Team hosted Prof. Jane Cassidy’s intermediate Digital Art: Print Based Media class for an active learning session centered on stained glass design and fabrication. A major class assignment … Continue reading

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Swift, Satire, and BC Students

Does Swift’s searing satire lose its keen edge as the story is re-represented over time, country and culture?  This was a question that arose last spring as students in Colleen Taylor’s English Literature class, Satire and Society, explored editions of … Continue reading

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