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Learning Mildred: Provenance and Inclusion Materials

One of the more interesting aspects of my job as a cataloger is that I manage and maintain the inclusion files for Burns Library. The inclusion files are just what they sound like: four filing cabinets, stuffed to the brim … Continue reading

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Internal Context: A Look Into the Inclusion Files

One of the most rewarding aspects of rare book cataloging is seeing and decoding the various markers of history that make their way into the pages. Most of these markers are permanent – bookplates, sellers’ and binders’ tickets, annotations, and … Continue reading

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Discovery of Witches: Materials on Witchcraft at the Burns Library

In pre-1750 Europe, witch hunts were formal, structured legal ordeals. Countless women were put on trial and burned for supposed witchcraft, leading one to wonder what would cause such a phenomenon to occur. Evidence what may have sparked these witch hunts can be traced through careful examination of some books in the Burns Library’s collections. Continue reading

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The printing of books, as an art and industry, has been documented from any number of perspectives. The arduous setting of type, the business of publication and distribution, the craft of binding — these are some of the many things … Continue reading

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Cataloger’s Corner: A Jesuit Legal Entanglement from the Far Reaches of the Spanish Empire

The Burns Library Cataloging Department recently processed a remarkable addition to our rare books collection. Bound in limp vellum, the folio-sized volume contains a set of 17th-century legal documents produced during a lengthy conflict over the payment of ecclesiastical tithes in the … Continue reading

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