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Medicine in the Middle Ages: Rare Books in the Burns Library

While working in the library catalog, I set to searching one of my favorite topics, the Medieval period. Trying to narrow the search results, I added the term medicine to see what would come up. There were a number of … Continue reading

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Joachim Bouvet: the History of Cang-Hi, the Present Emperor of China

Joachim Bouvet was born in Le Mans, France, on July 18, 1656. In 1673, he entered the Society of Jesus in hopes going on a China mission. His wish was granted when King Louis XIV sent him and five other … Continue reading

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The Muggletonian Collection

A radical Protestant sect with a quirky theology and a wonderfully unlikely name, the Muggletonian movement emerged in 1651 from the chaos of the British Interregnum, when two tailors – John Reeve and Lodowick Muggleton – announced themselves to be … Continue reading

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Redeeming the Black Lord Herbert

Edward Herbert of Cherbury wrote The Life and Raigne of King Henry the Eighth between 1630 and 1645. Edward, a unique character in his own right, is the often forgotten older brother of the Welsh poet George Herbert. Edward Herbert’s … Continue reading

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